AK Government Solutions was founded in 2013 by Amy Yedinak, who understood the pivotal role communications has in the success of government organizations. Ms. Yedinak, a seasoned professional in the communications field and government consulting industry, recognized an opportunity to become a leading provider of communications services, helping government organizations with effective, tactical, and strategic communications services.

Drawing from more than 20 years of experience within the federal government’s contracting sphere, Amy identified a crucial void. There was a lack of specialized companies focusing solely on the essential realm of communications. This need became, and remains, the driving force of AK Government Solutions.

The AK Government Solutions team boasts a wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated over four decades and spans the ever-evolving communications landscape. Despite its modest team size, its collective expertise serves a diverse portfolio of clients. The team’s commitment to delivering top-notch communication services led them to achieve significant milestones – such as being recognized as the Communications Lead for several significant programs across the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Through Amy’s vision and the team’s unwavering dedication, AK Government Solutions is a trusted partner for organizations seeking seamless, efficient, and impactful communication strategies. They understand that effective communication is essential and a cornerstone for success. Partner with AK Government Solutions and embark on a journey where your organization’s voice resonates powerfully, is heard widely, and leaves a lasting impact in today’s dynamic world.

AK Government Solutions

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